TravelRez is our advanced and fully Internet enabled Travel Industry Booking Reservation and Business Management system.

This system has been designed by travel industry and computer professionals with many years of experience in effective automation of travel industry operators.

Whilst many traditional systems enable booking and business management for travel operators, the challenge for TravelRez was to provide all the traditional capabilities, but web enabled with an easy to use Internet and Intranet access. TravelRez has achieved this goal.


Key Features

TravelRez is the next generation solution for the Travel and Tourism industry and offers the following key features:

  • Flexible Database and Rate management
  • Integrated Travel Booking and Business management
  • Real-time and on-line Stock Management
  • Simple Quote to Booking conversion
  • Multiple Destinations and Currency Management
  • Simple Point to Point Travel
  • Complex itinerary capability and management
  • Powerful Packaging and Tour Operations
  • Integrated Sales and Management Reporting
  • Integrated Back Office Debtors and Creditors
  • Integrated General ledger or Hand off to 3rd Party Systems
  • Marketing Database capabilities
  • CRS/GDS Interfaces
  • e-Commerce / EFTPOS
  • Flexible Documentation, Booking Slips, Vouchers & Itineraries
  • Full Email / Fax interfaces for client and Supplier documentation
  • Trust / Performance / Margin reporting and Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators - graphically presented
  • Advanced Internet / Intranet Browser based, user interface
  • Point and click in the office or over the Internet
  • An intuitive system that will minimize training and re-learning costs
  • Open system IBM and Microsoft industry standard platforms



If you are a major Travel or Tourism operator, a wholesaler, or a booking service, then TravelRez will assist you with the following:

Database establishment and management for:

  • agents and direct clients
  • product and service suppliers
  • products and services
  • current and future rates
  • foreign currency exchange rates
  • information database

Business processes / operations for:

  • enquiries and quotations
  • booking operations
  • booking slips/invoices
  • itinerary management
  • ticket production
  • local and fx supplier payments
  • trust account management
  • bank reconciliation
  • bsp management
  • stock & allocations management

Management reporting capabilities including:

  • quotations issued
  • booking conversions
  • product/destination sales analysis
  • unsold product analysis
  • agent/group sales analysis
  • departure Ticketing deadline exceptions
  • Cash Flow

Financial reporting capabilities including:

  • quotation margin performance analysis
  • booking margin performance analysis
  • receipts by date
  • payments by date
  • cash flow analysis
  • debtors ledger reporting
  • creditors ledger reporting
  • bank reconciliation

General Ledger Interface for:

  • sales
  • cost of sales
  • receipts
  • payments
  • Cash Flow

KPI Dashboard for Daily, Monthly & YTD

  • Quotations
  • Bookings
  • Conversions
  • Cancellations
  • Margin / Performance
  • Best / Worst performing products
  • Exchange Rate Movements
  • Receipts
  • Receipts Overdue
  • Payments
  • Payments Overdue
  • Bank account
  • Cash Flow

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  • easy to use
  • on-line help and documentation
  • low cost of acquisition
  • low cost of maintenance
  • low cost to grow system
  • local and Internet support
  • integrated back office financial systems
  • unlimited destinations and currencies
  • unlimited products and rates
  • unlimited suppliers and customers
  • powerful packaging and product management
  • powerful sales and management reporting
  • email, fax and MS interfaces
  • may be tailored to meet specific business needs
  • flexible in use and operation
  • industry standard system
  • international in design and use
  • highly scaleable database
  • strict security management
  • multi-user capability
  • 1 to 1000's of concurrent users
  • intranet internal web access
  • internet external web access
  • browser / GUI user interface

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System Implementation & Requirements

A site survey must be completed to ensure the suitability of existing internal networks, servers and Internet security.

It is strongly recommend that industry standard and approved security including properly configured firewalls be installed to protect your internal network, your systems and your customers accessing your systems. Our network engineers would be pleased to review your environment and advise on cost effective solutions.

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Survey Questionnaire

If you are currently investigating the implementation of a new Travel based booking and business management system, then feel free to respond to the attached travel business need survey / questionnaire.

By providing relevant answers to our questions, it will better enable us to determine the true needs of your business, and so to better advise on an appropriate solution whether that be from TravelRez or elsewhere.

Complete our questionnaire.

Whilst TravelRez is a very powerful general purpose booking and business management system, it cannot cater for all operational and business needs of such a diverse industry as seen in the travel industry. Alternatively our experienced consulting capabilities may be able to suggest effective and alternate approaches where appropriate. If not, we will tell you so.

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