About us

Company History

TravelRez was established to design and develop Internet / Intranet based Booking, Reservation and Business management computer systems for the Travel and Tourism industry.

TravelRez is associated with the BCS Consulting Group of companies established in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia. BCS Consulting Group has traditionally provided high level computer and business management consulting services for medium to large Australian and international corporations and has some 25 years experience in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries.




TravelRez is a new technology company. We have identified that business management and transaction processing systems now need to be Internet/Intranet based, and accordingly we have undertaken the total re-design and re-development of all software solutions. To make it easy for traditional clients we also offer comprehensive porting solutions to our new technology platforms.

Effective systems must offer full client and supplier access via the Internet, and also provide a broad range of real-time transactions processing with eftpos capabilities.

At TravelRez we develop all systems using advanced open system architecture, design and development platforms and methodologies. We will continue to develop with such open and readily supportable platforms.



Our current range of products from TravelRez include:

  • TravelRez Comprehensive Booking Management System for Travel and Tourism
  • BANANAskin Internet Booking Engine for third party systems
  • reMember Membership Management / CRM
  • FINesse Financial Accounting Systems



Our charter or mission statement is to:

  • Operate our business ethically, honestly and reliably
  • Develop computer systems of international class and quality
  • Adapt our products to the changing needs of our clients
  • Adopt new and beneficial technologies at the earliest opportunity
  • Maximize the cost / benefit equation of computerisation for our clients
  • Provide the highest quality after sales support services