reMember is our full function Membership Management system, developed for use by virtually any type of organization that has a need to manage large scale membership, management, billing and services. A key feature is flexibility in design and operation, as most membership organizations have many and varied needs, and their membership system must truly reflect their specific club, organization or membership ethos.

Over the years our clients have included Universities, AFL football clubs, Australian Computer Society, marketing companies, charitable and church organizations, fellowships and other smaller sporting clubs and associations.


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  • Full corporate structure, National, State, Region, Branches and Members
  • Comprehensive member profiles
  • Likes / dislikes, inclusions / exclusions
  • Skills, interests, qualifications, employment, memberships, ranks, status etc
  • Automated Annual, Periodic or Cyclic membership renewal / receipting
  • Cash/Credit card or eftpos receipting
  • Membership card printing
  • On-line internet joining / renewal and payment / banking options
  • On-line member profile management by members
  • Management Performance, Receipting and Outstandings reporting
  • Integrated Email, forms design, MS Word and Excel
  • Follow-up / reminder letters / emails
  • Debtors interface for service and extra's billing
  • Interface to event / conference booking and billing system (TravelRez)
  • Interface to debtors / stock management system (FINesse)
  • Excel interface to third party payroll and G/L systems
  • Site specific modifications / enhancements to meet specific needs of clubs
  • Comprehensive on-line support services

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  • Fully integrated membership management system
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Not just a list of members
  • Automated Renewals
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Internet Access
  • Strict Security Control

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No special requirements.

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