BANANAskin is a powerful Internet booking engine which was developed to front end the existing travel and stock management system operating at a number of major Australian wholesalers and booking services.

This system was designed for Retail travel agents from a number of the major retail groups, to access the wholesale products/stock managed by client systems via the Internet for quick quotations and bookings.

BANANAskin provides a fast and effective drill down search engine to quickly present only valid rates that meet the selective range and time details requested. Multiple products may be quoted or booked including Airfares, Transfers and all forms of ground based accommodation, products and services.

Artificial intelligence is applied to optimize search criteria and to maximize results returned by the search engine. If the product is what you want and the price is right, then the product enquiry may be automatically converted to a booking request, which is instantly updated through to the Wholesalers in-house travel management system where final confirmations and documentation are completed and issued.

Whilst this industry based solution was developed for the trade, ie Travel Agent access, we now also offer our retail travel industry internet based sales system with on-line eftpos payment facilities. This new capability will enable anyone surfing the net to purchase product on-line from any of our clients using BANANAskin.

Key Features

  • No database establishment
  • No Supplier Management
  • No Rates Management
  • Simply enable host system / products and rates for internet access
  • Simple but effective Email address / Password security
  • Nominate Currency to be billed in
  • Powerful drill down search engine
  • In-built and flexible artificial intelligence / rules set
  • Quote or Book any product, in any configuration, or in any time frame
  • Product and Rates selection refinement options.
  • Just click to add to itinerary
  • View itinerary and costs as Booking / Quotation is built
  • Add and change passengers or dates, re-calc option
  • Re-sequence selected products into best order option
  • Add Special Requirements to advise of those special needs
  • Save and Play option, before submitting quotation request / booking
  • Email advice sent to customer to confirm request
  • Email advice queued to Central Res to advise Request has been received
  • All confirmation and documentation handled by backend system
  • On-line eftpos receipting for retail clients - No Receipt, No Booking
  • Configure system for small operations, to 1000's of concurrent users
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  • Low cost Internet access
  • Low cost upgrades
  • Low cost maintenance
  • No database duplication / maintenance
  • Powerful sales portal solution
  • Direct link to backend database
  • Maximization of consultants time
  • Less wasted time providing quotations
  • Less wasted time providing information
  • Less time to process bookings
  • Less lost sales when phones are too busy
  • Unlimited growth potential
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In order to implement BANANAskin, you will require an approved backend booking system. Please contact us directly to discuss which back end booking systems have been approved for BANANAskin.

It is strongly recommend that industry standard and approved security including properly configured firewalls be installed to protect your internal network, your systems and your customers accessing your systems. Our network engineers would be pleased to review your environment and advise on cost effective solutions.

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