Frequently Asked Questions

Who should buy TravelRez?

Any travel operator who buys and sells both traditionally and over the Internet. TravelRez is a full function booking reservation and travel business management system, which may be configured in various ways to meet the differential requirements of domestic and international travel operators, including both wholesale and retail.

The typical TravelRez client will need our Internet enabled systems to handle complex products, rates, packaging and flexible air / land itineraries.

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What does TravelRez cost?

TravelRez is a far more cost effective solution than previous products offered by our group of companies. Due to it's powerful inbuilt message engine, many and in fact up to thousands of concurrent users may access the system simultaneously at little extra cost.

Please contact us directly for a personalized costing / quotation for the specific needs of your business.

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Who owns TravelRez?

TravelRez is owned by TravelRez Pty Ltd trading under the TravelRez business name.

TravelRez Pty Ltd is a registered software development company located in Melbourne, Australia. ABN 70 104 349 555

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How is support provided?

The majority of all support these days is provided over the Internet, where we come on-line to diagnose and resolve problems. Providing standardized package solutions enables us to minimize problems / issues and to maximize support and system up time for our clients. As we maintain centralized source code, then all amendments / corrections are made centrally and then distributed to all client sites electronically.

For the very low-level database support, we prefer a secure VPN access to client sites enabling file transfer and Terminal services to be undertaken with the highest level of security via managed firewalls. High-level application support may best be provided using standard browser access, but under managed user access and password access control. Adherence to and compliance with strict security protocols are essential.

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Is Training provided?

Training is provided in many ways, including directly at client sites and at the TravelRez offices. Optionally we may run training sessions over the Internet using Microsoft NetMeeting or similar video/audio conferencing systems.

All software is installed with comprehensive on-line "How to Use" help, but please be advised that this on-line help can only show what the system does and not necessarily how to use the system. Every business is different and may therefore do things differently. In fact the success of a business and its point of differentiation may be the different ways that it operates its business. Accordingly, user sites are advised to develop or have developed their own internal procedure manuals, referencing the on-line help as appropriate.

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How do you work out what you need?

Experienced consultants from TravelRez would be pleased to help diagnose and analyze your business operations and resultant business needs. With our broad industry and computer experience, we can quickly identify computerization opportunities and in most cases quantify the costs and benefits of computerization and also of resultant business practice changes. We are happy to listen to your needs. We also provide a very basic and initial survey questionnaire on this web site, to help categorize your present business and to provide us with a starting point.

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