Sep 1, 2012

Welcome to TravelRez - an evolution in travel technology

TravelRez Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that from September 1, 2012, it will operate under the new registered business name of TravelRez. We have established the domain name of and have now completed our exciting new web site to introduce TravelRez to the world.
  • TravelRez
    Travel Computer System, for medium to large wholesale / Retail operators and other booking services selling both simple and complex travel products over the Internet.


  • BANANAskin
    Our stand-alone Internet booking engine front end for approved third party back end stock management systems, requiring improved Internet access and performance.


  • reMember
    Membership Computer System for medium to large organizations with complex and specific membership and business requirements.


  • FINesse
    Financial Computer System including debtors, creditors and general ledger sub-systems. FINesse may be installed stand-alone or fully integrated with TravelRez or reMember.

We are very excited to be releasing these new software packages after nearly 2 years of concentrated design and development and look forward to a positive response from the Australian and International travel industry community.

We have put a massive effort into these development projects and hope that our new fully Internet enabled and browser based systems will quickly be accepted as a new industry standard for high volume operators with complex travel business requirements.

To ensure the success of these new software packages, we have elected to use industry standard data bases, development tools, 4GL's and programming languages, that are open system compliant and offer easy to use interfaces to the common desk top products including Microsoft Office etc.

Considerable information is provided within this web site, but if more in-depth information is required, then please contact TravelRez Pty Ltd directly.

Brendan Boyle
Managing Director